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Meet The Sculpt Away Team

Dr. Robert Lemke

Dr. Lemke is a board-certified maxillofacial surgeon and oral. Born and raised in San Antonio, Dr. Lemke is a graduate of Trinity University and the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, where he received his dental and medical

Shannon Schimmel - Clinical Aesthetician - Sculpt Away

Shannon Schimmel

Shannon Schimmel is a Clinical Aesthetician, Entrepreneur and Creator/Designer of aesthetic programs and products. Shannon been in the business of beauty for more than twenty years,  running medical spas and caring for medical spa patients. She is

Kay Casner Overley - RN and attorney - Sculpt Away

Kay Casner Overley

Kay Casner Overley, Co-Founder Kay Casner Overley is an entrepreneur, RN and attorney. With 35+ years in the medical field, Kay has assisted medical practices as a consultant in the rapidly changing world of medicine. She has founded and grown

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