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Press Away Therapy™

Interested in ridding fat and waste from your body quickly and while feeling pampered? You can! You can simply ‘press it away’ with Press Away Therapy™.

Press Away Therapy™ provides a pumping action to assist your body in the elimination of waste, liquids, and toxins from your tissues. The treatment is quite comfortable; it feels like a light massage. Plus, it takes less than an hour of your time. By increasing lymphatic flow, Press Away Therapy™ assists in eliminating fat cells, excess fluids, and waste from your body and leaves you with a general feeling of well-being as a result of the immense detox benefits. Here at Sculpt Away recommend Press Away Therapy™ after fat or cellulite reduction treatments to accelerate and amplify your results. So after your Sculpsure®, Lipo-Sculpt RF™, Smoothshapes®, or PellaFirm® treatment, choose the benefit of

Press Away Therapy™ for faster and better results. It’s easy!


Press Away Therapy Pre & Post Care Instructions


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