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Infrared Sauna San Antonio

Best Infrared Sauna in San Antonio from Sculpt Away

Infrared Sauna San Antonio - Sculpt AwayDetox, burn calories, boost energy, reduce stress – all in under one hour. It’s possible with the Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna. Clinical studies have proven the benefits of this natural and holistic practice.

The sweat produced from the Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna is 7X more detoxing than a regular sauna. How could this be? Mid, Far and Near Infrared rays penetrate fat cells where most of our toxins reside. Clinical studies reveal that 15-20% of the sweat produced from the Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna consists of toxins. Compare that to the findings of 3% toxins from other saunas.

The Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna increases your body’s core temperature by 3 degrees Fahrenheit, which produces many known health benefits. A sampling of the clinically proven health benefits of the Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna include:

Detoxification – deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level where toxins reside

Weight Loss – infrared rays heat the muscles causing an increase in blood flow as with exercise (a workout while relaxing); only the Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna has been clinically proven to promote weight loss and inch loss

Anti-Aging – flushing out harmful toxins leaves the skin radiant, healthy and glowing

Experience SoSound®

Enhance your Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna experience with SoSound®. The art of Acoustic Resonance Therapy integrates sound with vibration causing us to “feel the music.” Feeling music has been shown to heal our body. The benefits of SoSound® are both natural and holistic.

All Sculpt Away Infrared Sauna sessions include complimentary SoSound® therapy.

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